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We offer you for your personal creations and their individual style a wide selection of Glassbeads, Glass-grinding beads, Metal beads, Beads mixes, Bicone (as an alternative to Swarovski), Lampworks, Rocailles and Acrylic beads. For Window Color and modelling we offer Velvet powder in 40 different colors (Colours card).

From our glassbeads, metalbeads and acrylic beads can you manufactury beautiful chains and bracelets. Whether for their own use or as a gift, surprise yourself and your loved ones with their imaginative own creation. Jewellery from our Glass-grinding beads let the hearts beat faster. Very noble and graceful are necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry from Glass-grinding beads. Let the enchantment or enchant your friends. Whether you with rocailles weave beautiful bracelets, with beadwire design christmas stars, small animals (in 3D) design (Example) or with the Tacky Tape technology embellish of objects - their creative imagination are no limits.

With our velvet powder SAMTI (Colours card) achieve on their Window Color pictures a beautiful velvety effect. Intersperse the velvet powder unsparing into the wet colour and 24 hours dries let. Sweeping the surplus velvet powder with a soft brush then. Of course you can reuse the swept velvet powder. You will be enthusiastic about the results. Our velvet powder is suitable also in the model construction excellently to transfer carpets into model cars for example. Of course can our velvet powder be used by model construction in every way, be supposed to structured surfaces be obtained where like velvet.
The latest trend: Nails Velvet Art
Here an example (only in German): Frau Shopping
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In our online shop there is no minimum order value! From 40 euros value of goods shipped within Germany postage free. We guarantee fast and reliable delivery(*) and 100\\% satisfaction.

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Important instructions:

Improper use
The items offered are typically processed in the field of fashion to jewelry, accessories or textile products. Due to their physical properties, these articles are unsuitable for other uses (e.g., sticking on teeth, the use of crystals on and near mucous membranes and other untypical uses), and may result in damage to health.

Small parts danger for small children
Beads and other items offered here may pose a risk of small parts for small children, especially children under 3 years. Depending on the size of the items, children may swallow, swallow or nasal. Keep all small items locked up and inaccessible to small children! More information on www.kindersicherheit.de.

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